Buddha Shakyamuni gab das Kalachakra-Tantra zunächst an König Suchandra von Shambala, da die Zeit noch nicht reif sei, das Kalachakra-Tantra unter den Menschen auf der Erde zu verbreiten.

“If one wants to get there, he has to walk the true path, renouncing quickly everything. Take shelter at the feet of Vishvanath, burn all ego. Roam in the world with purity. Pay attention to Kalachakra who is giving great knowledge to everybody

The Kalachakra is an elaborate system of Tantric astrology. Simple uses are mentioned in common texts like Prasna Marga and Jataka Parijata, but there is an entire Tantra written called the “Kalachakra Tantra”.

This tantra is composed of five books. The first book is on the outer Kalachakra and has the large amount of Jyotish information.

The Kalachakra is a wheel of time, almost a calendar in its self. Literally, Kala means time and Chakra means wheel.

The second chapter is related to the inner Kalachakra and related to the nadis (energy channels) and movement of prana relative to Jyotish.

The third book deals with tantric initiation into the Kalachakra path and the fourth and fifth books relate more to sadhana and meditation.

The Tantra was translated a few hundred years ago into Tibetan and parts of the Tibetan text have been translated into English with Tibetan Buddhist commentary.

Prasna Marga of Harihara teaches some techniques of calculating death with the Kalachakra and the 8 Yoginis. There are exactly 36 verses listed in Prasna Marga on the Kalachakra. 36 is the maturity of Saturn, the ruler of longevity and death. The life cycle can be broken down into 3 sections of 36 which add up to 108.

The Kalachakra will also show the health of the native and especially times of sickness. It shows how a person uses their pranas (energy) and the directions in life this will lead them. The natal chart is mapped into the Kalachakra to be read. Prasna Marga gives a verse for the drawing of the Kalachakra diagram used in Jyotish




The prana moves in the same way the nakshatras have been placed in the Kalachakra. Energy comes in the Kendras (straight lines) and energy goes out the Konas (diagonal lines). Planets placed in a Kona axis are taking energy out, they need to be guarded/stopped/regulated. Mantra for planets guarding the fortress will obstruct the loss of energy. If no planet is there then the nakshatra mantra of the fortress axis can be used. If the guard is beneficial for the natal chart then a stone may be used.

The deities that the energy is coming from or going to. For example, energy going to Agni is good as it leads to health and spirituality. Energy going to Nivritti, the Rakshasi, is bad. It is energy being used for demonic purposes. In this way, by understanding the deities, the use of prana is determined.

Then one needs to integrate this with the various levels of physical, pranic, and causal bodies to understand where this prana is being generated, disturbed, lost or destroyed.

Der Mond im Osten ist mit der natürlichen Sonne ausgerichtet und zeigt daher die Pranas im Körper.
Der Mond im Nordosten zeigt den Manas (Geist) unter dem Einfluss von Rahu.
Das jeweilige Sonnen-Mondhaus wird verwendet, die Sequenz von Nordosten aus zu beginnen und um Negative Effekte zu sehen.

Es gibt auch ein anderes System, das benutzt wird, um Wissen von und über die Devas = Elementar/Halbgötter zu erhalten. In diesem Kalachakra werden die Nakshatras gegen den Uhrzeigersinn gehen.