• Ravi Yogas (solar combinations)

• Chandra Yogas (lunar combinations)

• Mahaapurusha Yogas (combinations producing 5 kinds of great men)

• Naabhasa Yogas (classified celestial combinations)

• Raaja Yogas (combinations giving power)

• Raaja Sambandha Yogas (combinations for association with kings)

• Dhana Yogas (combinations giving wealth)

• Daridra Yogas (combinations giving poverty)

Kaahala Yoga:


If (1) the Moon (4th lord) and Jupiter(9th lord) are in mutual quadrants and (2) lagna lord is strong, then this yoga is present. Alternately, this yoga is present if the 4th lord is exalted or in own sign and the 10th lord joins him. One born with this yoga is strong, bold, cunning and leads a large army. He owns a few villages. Kaahala means excessive. It also means mischievous. 

Adhi Yoga

Definition:    If the natural benefics occupy 6th, 7th and 8th from Moon, this yoga is present. For example, if Moon is in Taurus, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo and Venus is Leo, then this yoga is present.                                                                                 Results: One born with this yoga becomes a king or a minister or an army chief, depending on the strength of the planets involved. 

Raaja Yogas


Raaja means a king. Raaja yogas are the combinations that give power and prosperity to a native. They make one the best in something.


Basic Raaja Yoga:   In any chart, Lord Vishnu sits in the quadrants and Goddess Lakshmi sits in the trines. If the lord of a quadrant is associated with the lord of a trine, that association brings the combined blessings of Lakshmi and Vishnu. This is called a Raaja Yoga. The native is powerful and prosperous.

What do we mean by “association” here? There are 3 important associations:

(1) The two planets are conjoined, (2) The two planets aspect each other with graha drishti, or, (3) The two planets have a parivartana (exchange). For example, if the 4th lord is in the 5th house and the 5th lord is in the 4th house, then we say that there is a parivartana between the 4th and 5th lords. This is an association.

If the lord of a quadrant and the lord of a trine have one of the three kinds of associations mentioned above, it forms a Raaja Yoga. Lagna can be taken as a quadrant or a trine here. It is both.