This quantum duality cannot be separated from the observer. It that was possible, then their will be only “singularity” and there world be no wave – like action and all particles would have to move is a straight line. Such a universe would be non-existent and Hindu Vedic Science calls this state of the universe – “Brahman” or absolute state of existence.

The foundation of the entire universe is duality or vibration which has only two directions – positive or negative or if you wish to say it in a different way – up or down. The particle whether is a photon an electron, a meson, a neutrino, or neutron, does not have any effect unless it connects with an opposite or second particle to create a dual nature. This dual nature is called a wave, which carries the qualities of positive or negative the upward movement of the wave is positive, whereas the sown ward movement of the wave is negative.

This duality I the very foundation of our whole Universe and in Vedic Science this is referred to as the “Serpent Energy” or “Kundalini Energy” it is the very life force of the Universe that exists in every human body and every living thing as well as non-living things.
It is the exact element referred to as “Ether” in Vedanta Physics Vedic Science refers to this vibratory element as the “Ether” because it pervades the whole Universe. Look around you is there anything that does not vibrate. Everything vibrates – everything is a frequency. It is the very foundation up which all of our scientific theories and application are based on. Not only that reach element or object in the universe vibrates at a different frequency, which is unequal. Like every snowflake, every see-shell or like every human, every one of these elements carry a finger print of its own.

The “Ether” or “the Serpent Energy” or the vibration energy which forms the foundation of the universe can never end and will only expand in nature. If a person could calculate this “Ether” energy present in all elements and come up with a mathematical code for each element then that person would have considerable control over that element. Such a calculation is possible and this is what exact universe and exact science is about in this book.

If the value of the Ether can be calculated, then definitely with the proper type of mathematical system, the life and death of elements can be predicted accurately. Not only will be able to measure the consciousness the experience, the circulation of the life of the element, but we will be able to improve its nature considerably harness its nature for beneficial use.
In the next chapter we will endeavor to find this mathematical system that can measure this “Ether”.

Ether – The Nature of all Things

Whether, is magnetic, harmonic, electronic, light energy, sound energy, or words is made up of vibrations. Everything in the universe is made of vibration. If there were no up or down movement of all particles in the universe, nothings will exist at “zero” or absolute state, the universe is like an egg and at that moment there is no ether or movement. It is interaction with time the universe achieves a “singular state” and everything begins to move into its own in a straight path without interaction.

When interacting takes place the universe achieves a duality state which allows the universe to expand and create vibration or Ether is born and the “triplicity state” of the universe begins to create new elements.

The universe constantly moves and vibration in this duality state. Between + 2and 1 to 0 down to – 2 and then back toward 0, back to 1 and back to + 2.
We all know that 1 or -1 is always the same, and then zero is no time, no movement or what we call the sleep state. When it reaches the peak of duality state the element will reach its potential and then of back to absolute sate before entering the spiritual state and then returning. This state of existence will apply to all elements.
If this duality state examined as the “Ether” element of reality vibration and a base system is developed then no material intelligence such as simple computer could not be develop. The binary system or what is also the duality or base 2 state of reality is when intelligent design begins to take on a reality form. From duality Simple intelligence of 1 and 0 is formed. On – off switches begins to create a higher consciousness.

As the 1 – 0 base duality system is develop, then knowledge of duality expands into triplicity and higher forms of reality are developed and the expression o higher bases and foundations are develop material mirrors spirituality.

At base 10, 9 begin to act like the number 1 or 0 again. If 9 is added to anything, I set like zero. If multiplied by any other number, it acts like 1. For example if you add 9 + 3 you get 12, which is 3 again. 9 x 3 = 21 and this is also 3 (1 + 2 = 3). The # 9 sets as a duality number, since its base is one higher which is base 10.

Because of this duality of 9, any number multiply by 9 has a value of -1 in the last figure; there are instead of substituting for 9, the last one is 10. This mathematical system is known as “Quantum Mathematics” or the Vedanta Sciences refer as to Vedic mathematics. This mathematical system is what we will use to calculate the “Ether” values or the basic vibration of all water. Each element has an ethereal beginning and end. If it’s ethereal value will start at 0 and will end at 9. We will first consider the values of the house.

Part 2

Finding the value of the Ether is important and the value of this ether or universal frequency is very important to the understanding of how the universe is made up mechanical. Ordinary mathematics we know if now will not be able to provide the solution to such values of ether necessary. In our mind we need a more advanced mathematical system; Vedic mathematics offers this solution. Let take the magic square of 81 cells of 9 rows and columns and then convert the values of that square to basic Vedic mathematical values. You will notice that there is and order of numbers not readily encounter in the regular mathematics.

In a 9 magic square 5 rules the center Narayan.
South East ruled the 9.
North West ruled by 1.
North is Kali.
South is Rudra / Ganesh.