"King Suchandra came from Shambhala (some say north of Kashmir-on this map above Gandhari) to request and receive       the Kalachakra teachings from Shakyamuni Buddha.

It is said that the actual Mt. Kailas is located near the land of Shambala. It is not possible to go there without spiritual, psychic powers. The present so-called Mt. Kailas in Tibet is linked with the history of the Ramayana.

In order to revive the dead and injured soldiers of Prince Rama (who were fighting the Raksasa army of Ravana in Lanka), Hanuman (the mighty monkey ally of Rama) was sent to fetch from Mt. Kailas the sanjiwini medicinal herb which restores life.

Unable to recognise the plant, Hanuman picked up the mountain and brought in to Lanka. When the herbs were collected, Hanuman is said to have tossed the mountain back in the direction of the Himalayan range, intending to restore it to its original place. But, since it was tossed from a great distance, it landed lopsidedly and some of the snow dropped into Tibet.

This is now called Tise (Mt. Kailas). From the Hindu devotional point of view, Mt. Kailas is the worshipful abode of the god Shiva. For Buddhists it is the place of Chakrasamvara(Tibetan: Demchog).