TRIMURTI Project ::: street - stage ART :::

for a performance around 15. june in London



::::::::spiritual talents wanted::::::: 


Actors / Phantomimists

Vedic dramaturgy


Brahmas Golden Lotos
Brahmas Golden Lotos



"Brahmā formed from his own immaculate substance a female who is celebrated under the names of Satarupā, Savitri, Sarasvati, Gāyatri, and Brāhmani. 

Beholding his daughter, born from his body, Brahmā became wounded with the arrows of love, and exclaimed, How surpassingly lovely she is!' Satarupā turned to the right side from his gaze; but as Brahmā wished to look after her, a second head issued from his body.          

As she passed to the left, and behind him, to avoid his amorous glances, two other heads successively appeared. At length she sprang into the sky; and as Brahmā was anxious to gaze after her there, a fifth head was immediately formed. 

Brahmā then said to his daughter, 'Let us produce all kinds of animated beings, men, suras (gods), and asuras (demons). Hearing this, she descended, and Brahmā having espoused her, they withdrew to a secluded spot where they dwelt together for one hundred divine years.

1. In Matsya-Purana, Brahma, desiring to create the world, goes into meditation, whereupon his body divides into two halves : one male and the other female.                   Enraptured by his female half (who is Saraswati) Brahma desires her, mates with her and together they create the demigods... His transcendental value is not to be minimized, even though he exhibited a tendency to enjoy his own daughter. There is a purpose for the exhibition of such a tendency by Brahmā, and he is not to be condemned like an ordinary living entity. (Swami Prabhupada)

2. When Brahma undertakes the creation of the world through creative speech, the goddess Saraswati is born in his mouth or tongue. 

3. Saraswati sprang from the forehead of her father, Brahma. Brahma - when he saw the beauty of Saraswati - desired her even though she was by logic his daughter. Saraswati disliked the attention Brahma focused on her and tried to escape from him, but whichever way she moved, Brahman grew a head in that direction to see her better. Even when she moved upwards, Brahman grew another head on top. And despite divine objection, he still married her. Vishnu and Shiva were so set against Brahma's marriage to Saraswati that they uttered a curse that henceforth Brahma would cease to be worshipped as a God by the faithful. In view of this, Goddess Saraswati has traditionally been worshiped in her individual capacity, as the patron Goddess of all knowledge and wisdom -without reference to her association with Brahma.